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Interview With Jon Lee - Singapore Senior Rok DVS champion for 2015

DATE: August 9, 2015

James Lee, Jon Lee and Team Principal, Mr Lawrence Soh at the Rok Cup 2015 (Round 4) podium ceremony on 11 July 2015, KF1 Circuit. Photo Credits: Jennifer Han

(1) Firstly congratulations on finishing as the Singapore Senior Rok DVS champion for 2015. Many in the local Asean karting community already know or have heard of you. For the benefit of those who haven’t, can you share with us your karting history and your performance credentials in the competitions you’ve entered since first racing competitively?

I started racing in the Cadet category when I was 9 years old. Besides winning the Singapore Karting Championship, I have also stepped on the podium for oversea races such as finishing 2nd runner up in the Sangari International race and Rotax Invitational during my cadet years.

Most recently, I was crowned Singapore Karting Junior Champion. In my Junior years, I have also finished on the podium for the Xeramic Challenge held in Sepang Malaysia and other Asian Karting Open Championship races in Macau, Indonesia and the Philippines.

(2) Has 2015 been your busiest race season since racing competitively? Apart from the Rok Cup which you finished champion and will be heading to the ROK Cup World Final in Lonato later this October, I also understand you are racing the Asia Max Challenge and X30 Challenge series as well.

Well, not exactly as compared to year 2013 when I was racing in the Asia Rotax series, AKOC series and SKC rounds, not only racing in Singapore and Malaysia, I have to fly to a few other ASEAN countries to compete.

2015, the races are mainly concentrated in Singapore and Malaysia but they are held very near in terms of race weekends.

Yes, I will be racing in the ROK Cup World Finals in Italy, representing Singapore in the ROK DVS category.

Currently I am also leading the X30 Challenge series after 2 rounds and looking forward to next 2 rounds in November.

As for the Asia Max Challenge, I have raced 4 rounds, due to school commitments; I may not be able to complete all rounds.

(3) Which drivers have been your main competitors during the year? Has there been a driver that are you have been benchmarking yourself and your performance against this year?

I would say that the main competitors will be the local Senior Champions like Amin Noorzilan and Thaddeus Lee.

I do not benchmark myself against anyone, just try my best & achieve the best results I can in each race.

(4) What are your racing plans for 2016?

It is difficult to say now as I will need to focus on my studies, especially since 2016 will be my first year in junior college.

I would like to continue racing in the Asia Max Challenge but maybe try out the DD2 category and probably do another year of the ROK and X30 series too. Single seater or car racing is also an option if budget allows.

(5) As someone who has seen the recent growth of karting in Singapore since Kartright Speedway opened, what do you think about the current state of junior racing in Singapore? If you were asked for an opinion, which areas of Singapore karting can be further enhanced by the series owners, track owners and the SMSA?

The Juniors basically are the drivers that graduated from the Cadets. During my year, there were fewer Cadet drivers and some of them did not continue into the next phase thus we see much lesser Junior drivers.

Having said that, since the opening of KF1 track in Kranji, we can see many more Cadet drivers participating in local and Malaysia races. So, I think the number of Junior drivers will increase eventually.

I think that besides asking the track and series owners to do more, the Local Media need to help make Singapore Karting scene more popular and interesting to the public. Very seldom do we get news on our local racers and races.

As for SMSA, probably the association can do more by reaching out to potential sponsors that can help out local talented and aspiring drivers.

(6) Your schooling and ECA schedule looks as comprehensive as does your racing schedule. How do you achieve the balance of performance between good results at the track and in school?

From Monday to Friday, I spend almost three quarter of my time each day in school, while Sundays I attend tuitions. Stay focus and diligently finished all projects and homework assigned. Honestly speaking, I do not spend much time in practicing on the kart compared to a lot of other drivers.

Most of the time, I just join the races and do my practices on race weekend itself. This allowed me to have less absenteeism from school to go racing.

(7) What are your academic plans next year? JC or Poly? Do you intend to study at the local universities or further your studies overseas?

I’m studying in Victoria School and currently in my Year 4 of IP which is a 6-year programme - Victoria-Cedar Alliance Intergrated Programme (VCA IP) jointly offered with Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (CGSS) and their afflicated college, Victoria Junior College (VJC). Thereafter, I will be admitted to VJC next year and hopefully to a local university after that.

(8) Have you ambitions of what career you intend to make for yourself in a couple of years? Likewise, what are your racing profession aspirations moving forward?

My ambition is of course, to be a racer. If not I’m looking into medicine. My racing aspirations will depends on how much sponsorship we can secure in the future. I have already tested a single seater race car last year, hopefully I can do some races too.

(9) Your father, James Lee is a champion karter who spent time with yourself and your brother to work on your racecraft. Your mother helps support the PR side of your racing activities. For the aspiring youth and parents that wish to pursue their racing dreams, can you impart any words of advice or encouragement regarding the family support and encouragement? Are there any sacrifices that must be made to pursue one’s dreams?

Well, racing is an expensive sport. Unlike some of the drivers who have the funds readily for them, I was lucky enough to be able to race because we are able to do it with on a shoe string budget through my dad’s arrangement as a mechanic and team manager. I was also lucky to have some sponsors that came forward to support me.

For anyone who aspires to pursue their racing dreams, the most important thing is to firstly get the support of his family members. It is just like any other sports but more costly, with the family support, I am sure the dream will not end so easily. I don’t think there are any sacrifices that need to be made just that in this sport, financial capability is important.

(10) Would you like to give a shout-out to your sponsors? I understand that you have a new team sponsoring you. What CRG chassis are you using and what do you like about it?

I would like to thank Eagle Eye Centre and CooperVision for giving me a crystal clear vision whenever I’m racing (regardless rain or shine). At the same time make me look so good (without glasses) each time I stand on the podium with all the cameras flashing at me.

Yes, my Singapore races are sponsored by team TPCRG (The Podium Club) which is run by Mr.Lawrence Soh.

I am racing on the CRG KT2 chassis which is a 30mm all round chassis. The chassis is easy to be set and has a lot of grip at the front for fast turn in thus making it very suitable for twisty track like KF1 circuit.

Lastly to any firms, companies, privateers and associations who are interested in getting involved to support a local talented aspiring driver, please check out my website at,, any form of sponsorship is welcome.

Karting Singapore Thunderkart Racing Series 2013 - Event #1

DATE: July 21, 2013

On reclaimed land in the vicinity of Changi is an area which hosts Singapore’s Aviation Airshow every 2 years.

In May this year, the area turned home to the Changi Karting Circuit; Singapore’s 2nd and newest karting track. At  just under 1.1km in length with over 12 turns, the track is a different beast from Singapore’s other track; Kartright Speedway and provides residents in Singapore an opportunity to race at more than a single circuit throughout the year.

With its last community race at Malacca in 2012, the Karting Singapore community returned to the race track on the 13 July 2013. Not everyone who wanted to be there could attend as the Karting Singapore community had to postpone the original event date of 22 June due to the worst haze to affect Singapore in the last 16 years.

Fortunately, clear skies prevailed on event day and at 5.00pm with darkness fast approaching, the event began proper. After registration, participants were sent to the briefing room to sit for the safety video and the track briefing. The format for the day for everyone was a 10 minutes practice followed by 12 laps of racing around CKC’s full length track configuration.

The 32 that showed up were a diverse group of participants from all walks of life - but all were united in the interest of racing. In summary there were about 20 competing in the Under 70kg class and 12 competing in the Over 70kg class. Whilst over half had previously attended previous Karting Singapore events, we had a sizeable number of new members joining the community as well. After all the admin had been done, the participants took to the track for the real business of the day. In the first practice session, Riku Alatalo, one of the top sim racing drivers in the world, took pole with a 1.00.356 followed by a regular polesitter, Ron Tay on 1.00.501 and local motorsports writer, Jonathan Lim on 1.00.655. The karts were reassembled on to the grid and the field of 32 drivers were split into 2 segments of 16 names based on their fastest qualifying time.

Finals 2 saw an upset victory when Calum Kozma the race winner in 12.34.831 mins was given a 20 second penalty by CKC’s supervising race officials for a race position of 7th. Having finished less than a second behind Calum Kozma, the Winner of Consolation Finals 2 award went to Low Fai Ming.

Finals 1 saw the fastest 16 drivers in qualifying take to the grid. With 16 karts on the grid, there were battles all through the field with karts running 3-4 karts abreast on the rear straights and into the sharp hairpin. Even with the tight field, 6 drivers produced fastest laps under 1.01 minutes (Riku Alatalo 1.00138, Ron Tay 1.00.174, David Lau 1.00.374, Jonathan Lim 1.00.539, Kevin Pang 1.00.736 & Shawn Hahnmann 1.00.781). The win for the day belonged to Ron Tay who finished the race in 12.17.203 mins with Riku Alatalo finishing only 9 hundreds of a second behind. 3rd and 4th were equally hard fought with David Lau finishing 3 hundreds of a second ahead of Jonathan Lim. Shawn Hahnemann, the first of the Over 70kg class, Kevin Pang and Jeffrey Sim were the next few finishers in queue for the battle of 3rd place.

The official results and medal awards for the day were:

Clubman (Under 70KG Class)

1st - Ron Tay
2nd - Riku Alatalo
3rd - David Lau
4th - Jonathan Lim
5th - Kevin Pang

Clubman (Over 70KG Class)

1st - Shawn Hahnmann
2nd - Pravin Laure
3rd - Andrew Loke
4th - Mark Lange
5th - Charles Theseira

Winner of Consolation Finals 2 - Low Fai Ming

Quotes from Winners:

Ron Tay, winner (Under 70kg)
3 Years ago, i joined Karting Singapore for my 1st race at Kartright. Time flies and this time round, I have the chance to once again take part in a Rental Kart Race with my karting friends at the new Changi Karting Circuit. I think to most of us, it was not just a race but it was also a good catch up session for most us. There were a few new guys who were very quick and fast around the track too making my win this time to be a closed one. I enjoyed myself very much and I’m definitely looking forward to the next event. Thank you Mark and guys at Karting Singapore for everything.

Shawn Hahnmann, winner (Over 70kg)
A beautiful sport that gives u an adrenaline rush like no other.. and the thunderkart event gives u that adrenaline.. It’s thrilling, exciting n most importantly fun !!! Great big thanks to Mark Lange for making such a beautiful sport enjoyable but also dirt cheap for all to enjoy. In summary, Karting Singapore’s community day out at CKC was great fun and the track management went out of their way to make the event an enjoyable one for everyone.

With prizes given out to the podium winners at the end of the event, Karting Singapore’s Mark Lange also handed out the long overdue 2012 championship series awards to the following drivers:

Thunderkart 2012 Series (Clubman Under 70KG Class)

1st - Ron Tay
2nd - Kevin Pang
3rd - David Lau

Thunderkart 2012 Series (Clubman Over 70KG Class)

1st - Hamizan Ali
2nd - Mark Lange
3rd - Charles Theseira

Quotes from Winners:

Ron Tay, Series winner (Under 70kg)
I’m happy and thrilled to have won the 2012 Driver Series. Having joined Karting Singapore 3 years ago from being a newbie to a ’semi-amateur’ with the guidance of the other experience Karters. :) This win is considered as a motivation for me to going in Karting. This season proves to be challenging as 2 out of 4 races were held over at Malacca Track instead of our usual familiar Kartright. With the end of this season race, I’m already looking forward to next year race season with opportunity to maybe race in even more tracks. Thank u to Mark and all Mods in Karting Singapore for all the events that you all have organized.

Hamizan Ali, Series winner (Over 70kg)
“It’s nice to finally achieve a good overall result after 4 years of being in KartingSingapore. It has been exciting to have been able to race with familiar and new faces alike. I’m happy to have been a part of every race this year, despite the ultra-short sprint races @ KartRight :P  That said, I have to admit that luck was on my side considerably more often this year compared to previous years. After all, it’s all rental karts so there’s always bound to be a time where each of us would occasionally draw a lemon kart. So getting a lemon kart less often this year definitely helped me in terms of championship points. I would like to thank Mark and the organising co for making KS events possible, managing the transport aspect (for overseas tracks) and of course, always trying to keep the costs down.”

Karting Singapore Thunderkart Racing Series 2012 - Race 3

DATE: September 9, 2012

Having been postponed from a month earlier, Race 3 of the 2012 series was held on the evening of 8 Sep 2012. Back it was then to Kartright Speedway in Singapore for more racing action.

Race 3 saw many new faces among the 30 drivers racing for position across 2 categories with the majority of drivers in the hotly contested Under 70kg Class. The action was fast and furious - moreso because the evening’s proceedings had to be completed within an hour of time. This meant that the 2 Heat events would require to be held to 6 laps each. With a mixed grid created based on the electronic equivalent of drawing lots, the Pre-Finals set the tone for the evening with intense racing as the fast drivers gridded towards the rear had to battle their way to the front within the short 6 lap window.

The Finals were made up of 3 separate sessions; dividing drivers based off their Total Time taken to complete the PreFinal of 6 laps. Drivers in both classes were mixed throughout the 3 sessions with the bulk of the Over 70KG Class in the 2nd split. Once again, racing action was intense - drivers learnt about their kart characteristics only upon entering the first corner - this made it extra exciting as the drivers who accustomed themselves to their kart faster, gained an advantage. The lead grouping finished their 6 laps between times of 4.49 - 5.05 mins, the middle grouping in 4.50 - 5.10 mins and the final grouping in 4.59 - 5.35. The fastest lap of the Finals went to Jonathan Lim who drove a 46.27

The podium winners in the 2 classes went to:

Over 70KG
1st - Charles Theseira
2nd - Hamizan Ali
3rd - Mark Lange

Under 70KG
1st - David Lau
2nd - Ricky Leong
3rd - Kevin Pang

Karting Singapore Thunderkart Racing Series 2012 - Race 2

DATE: May 27, 2012

The Karting Singapore community travelled to Malaysia for the second round of the Thunderkart Racing Series 2012.

This year’s series would account for the cummulative results of 4 races - the first one held in Kartright, the current Malacca event and followed by the last 2 races at Kartright and either Malacca or Plentong.

Hosted as a club outing at an overseas venue, over 30 participants made their way to the Malacca International Motorsports Circuit (MIMC) in the pre-dawn hours of 5 May 2012 to beat the Vesak Day Causeway crowd. Fortunately every driver made the starting time cut-off, even Ricky Leung, who missed the bus pick-up in Singapore but managed to grab a taxi to the Malacca track albeit a costly taxi fare.

The one-off format arranged for the day’s proceedings was 7 laps of Practice-cum-Qualifying, 9 laps of a Heat Race and 11 laps of a reverse grid Heat Race. With great weather for the day and lots of racing for everyone, it had to be said that everyone enjoyed themselves enormously on a track that was significantly fun to drive. Hats off to the new management that took over the circuit sometime ago - they were extremely helpful with our requests and even allocated 2 spare karts, both were ultimately used due to breakdowns and crashes of other karts.

The only difficult choices to coming back was the journey time - about 3-4 hours each way by coach. And so, those on the bus reached Marsiling station after 9.00pm - that said, in all, it was a great experience and we are likely to count Malacca track as one of the circuits to include in our future events.

The podium winners in the 2 classes went to:

Over 70KG
1st - Andre Tan
2nd - Hamizan Ali
3rd - Chris Wong

Under 70KG
1st - Daniel Ting
2nd - Ron Tay
3rd - Ricky Leong

WSK Singapore Race ‘2011

DATE: December 1, 2011

The 26th and 27th November 2011 marked the dates that the WSK established its inaugural footing into Asia.

The WSK Singapore Race was held to publicise a WSK-titled regional series that would start from 2012.

Taking place at the end of the 2011 racing season and early enough before teams and drivers begin their preparations for the 2012 racing season, the WSK Singapore Race was organised to introduce WSK to the Asian region.

The formation of the Asian series originated as a project initiated over a year and a half before to take the high profile branding of the WSK in the karting world, and bring its branding directly to the world’s fastest growing market.

Working together with its Asia-zone partners, the Asian regional series will take WSK across circuits in several South-East Asian countries as well as established circuits in Macau and Japan. As a sporting event, the series aims to host the best young racing talents from around the Asian region with plans to develop a reward structure for the best juniors in their category to participate through a wildcard entry, into a WSK season ending event.

Taking place as a national event at Kartright Speedway, the WSK Singapore race brought back many of the drivers who had raced a week earlier in the Singapore Karting Championships (SKC).

The class structures were localised for the event, and consisted of a KF3 Juniors, KF2 Seniors and a KF2 Masters. A supporting class event – the BMS Mini ROK Cup - was also organised by the local promoters to be held during the same event for the cadet drivers.

As soon as practice started, one thing was noticeable – the track surface at Kartright Speedway was being layered faster than on a usual SKC weekend – this was the work of the Vega’s CIK-FIA homologated XM and XH tyres that were introduced into Singapore’s karting scene just for the WSK Singapore Race.

With slight reductions to minimum weights practiced in the SKC as well as the Vega tyres with improved grip – qualifying times began to drop across all classes which began registering over half-a-second improvements in the dry and about a second of improvement in the wet.

The pole for qualifying was 36.579 (Jon Lee), 33.182 (Amin Noorzilan), 32.864 (Thaddeus Lee) and 40.848 in the wet (Paul Lee) respectively in the Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Masters.

Free Practice, Qualifying Practice, and 2 Heat race events completed the first day of racing. An eventful qualifying session in the Seniors saw Randall Ng crash into the barriers in the back straight but fortunately Randall was confirmed to have no major internal injuries after being checked at one of the local hospitals. Conditions also proved tricky for the remaining competitors as the local November weather proceeded to play havoc with tyre choices – raining hard for short periods of time in the afternoon whilst a hot tropical sun shone onto the track. Nowhere was this most apparent that in the Juniors class where 2011 SKC Champion Amin Noorzilan and Manon Maistre made a decision to take the grid with slicks whilst everyone else picked the wet tyres – the wet tyres ultimately proving to be the right choice when it rained mid-race.

Fortunately, the local weather proved to be much better on Sunday and there was no longer any rain throughout the remainder of the event. In the dry conditions, the front runners stamped their authority on proceedings winning their Prefinals and Finals convincingly.

In the Cadets class, Jon Lee took his first WSK win 4.8 seconds ahead of Javier Chng and brother Josh Lee. In the Juniors class, Yeo Hong Yang won the event beating his close rival Gabriella Teo and Amin Noorzilan by a comfortable lead. In the Seniors race, 2011 SKC Champion Thaddeus Lee was commanding in his victory and even clocked the fastest lap of the tournament – a 32.638. Thaddeus’s win was mirrored by his father, Paul Lee who took the race win in the Master’s class.

Albeit a relatively small grid, however the enthusiasm of the drivers, teams and parents to embrace the arrival of the WSK series was extremely supportive – from those that attended as well as many who could not be there but sent greetings, congratulations and promises of support for the 2012 season.

OCBC Corporate 2011 Challenge (Finals)

DATE: October 24, 2011

Leading up to the OCBC Corporate 2011 Challenge Finals, over 30 teams took part in 3 preliminary rounds to compete for 4 places per round, which would secure them a place in the Finals, held on 15 October 2011.

Karting Singapore members, forming two teams of drivers and sponsored by job consultancy firm, I-Resource, secured their entry into the Finals with one team winning their grouping and the other team finishing 4th in their preliminary round.

With the determined efforts of the drivers, the ice-cool decision making of the race engineers and the support of their fellow community members, team managers, volunteers, sponsors and supporters both teams secured the maximum result of taking both the 1st and 2nd positions at the four-hour mark of the race. They did so in style - completing 311 laps and 309 laps respectively, beating the highest total laps record set in the prelim rounds of the competition and securing pole in qualifying. Rounding off the podium was Aston Martin Singapore Drakar Racing, which finished ahead of CTMC2! PDB Maddox Racing. Both the later-mentioned teams were worthy opponents but encountered issues during the race that affected their overall finishing.

Taking the win and the runner-up position meant a lot for the Karting Singapore community - the OCBC event proved that the community in Karting Singapore were a force to be reckoned with. The result was a symbolic affirmation that in rental kart racing at Kartright track - the community had some of the fastest drivers around - no easy feat having beaten teams made up of drivers with established race kart and saloon car racing expertise.

The momentous occasion is perhaps, better captured in a series of photos that can be found in the album

The following are some photos from the album.

Karting Singapore Thunderkart Racing Series 2011 (Race 3 & Season Results)


And so all good things must come to an end.

Karting Singapore held its last race for the 2011 Thunderkart Series on the evening of 1 October 2011. This was the 3rd and final leg of the series, a somewhat shortened season in view of the many other racing events dotting the 2011 calendar.

Once again, the response proved overwhelming and when the automated registration system opened registration, all 30 spots were subscribed under 2 hours.

Race 3 was gifted with good weather and fortunately for all, the track stayed dry for the duration of the event. Format remained generally the same - everyone having a practice-cum-qualifying session followed by a short 10 minute race. It was definitely a pleasure to see many new faces mixed in with the older members for the event. In the races, experience still proved the deciding factor with Jonathan Lim taking the race win for the Under 70kg class, followed by David Lau and Ron Tay. The consolation race in the Under 70kg, was won by Cheng You Zhi. In the Over 70kg class, Hamizan Ali finally took his first race win in Karting Singapore - he was closely followed by Charles Theseira and Jason Lou completing the podium.

With all 3 races completed, the points table was recalculated and Tresca Wee was declared the 2011 Thunderkart series champion for the Under 70kg class and Bong Andres was declared the 2011 Thunderkart series champion for the Over 70kg class. Tresca finished 12 points away from his nearest rival Jonathan Lim who had won 2 out of the 3 races. Bong finished 7 points ahead of Charles Theseira who was one of the 3 race winners of the season in his class.

Race 3 Winner (Over 70kg) - Hamizan Ali

Race 3 Winner (Under 70kg) - Jonathan Lim

2011 Thunderkart Series Champion (Over 70kg) - Bong Andres

2011 Thunderkart Series Champion (Under 70kg) - Tresca Wee

Race 3 Results

2011 Thunderkart Series Points Table

OCBC Corporate 2011 Challenge (Qualifying Rds)

DATE: August 31, 2011

The OCBC Corporate 2011 Challenge attracted 30 teams which battled across a preliminary round, with 10 teams in each draw, racing against each other in a 4 hour endurance session, with the top 4 teams in each of the 3 draws qualifying for the Grand Final that will be held on the 15 October 2011 at Kartright Speedway.

When the dust settled, the following 12 teams had made the cut to the next round.

Draw 1
1st - Aston Martin Spore Draker Racing2
2nd - Rising Sun
3rd - MC2 Peregrine
4th - Eye2Eye Burners

Draw 2
1st - iResource KS1
2nd - CTMC2 PDB Maddox
3rd - Propnex Powerhouse
4th - Unilever Formula None

Draw 3
1st - Team Stamford Tyres
2nd - Road Runners
3rd - Bar Bar Black Sheep
4th - iResource KS2

Stay tuned for the October race report of the Grand Finals as we cover the event from the perspective of iResource GOC and the two Karting Singapore teams they sponsored.

More photos for the event can be found via the site

Karting Singapore Thunderkart Racing Series 2011 - Race 1

DATE: May 23, 2011

Its a new racing year for everyone including the grassroot community.

Karting Singapore launched their 1st race of the year at Kartright Speedway as a night race on the evening of 21 May 2011.

In usual fashion, it was great to see that people still enjoyed value-for-money racing at $70/head and all 30 participant slots were snapped up just days after the registration list was opened via the Karting Singapore forum.

Several changes were implemented this year following feedback over the 2010 races. These were:

# classification of Karting Singapore grassroot rental kart racing as the “Thunderkart Racing” series.

# the creation of 2 classes for the “Over 70KG Clubman” and the “Under 70KG Clubman” in order to reduce the effects of weight on racing performance.

# rolling laps would be mandatory for all races. this is aimed to move all participants to a higher awareness of race starts at karting’s higher classes

# zero-tolerance for contact - penalties would be dealt out to participants for reckless or over-enthusiastic racing deemed to potentially lead to collisions or accidents
# adopting Kartright’s blend-line ruling - penalising anyone crossing the blend line at the Pit exit as per the rules introduced by SMSA for sanctioned events held at Kartright

Fortunately, with clear skies and a relatively dry track with isolated spots of puddles, racing commenced. The results of which are as follows:

Clubman Over 70KG class
1st - Charles Theseira
2nd - Bong Andres
3rd - Jason Lou

Clubman Under 70KG class
1st - Jonathan Lim
2nd - Tresca Wee
3rd - Jeffrey Sim

Consolation Awards
Race Winner of 2nd Finals for Under 70KG - Lim Zijie
Fastest Lap of Event - Jonathan Lim

Singapore Nationals 2011 - Race 2

DATE: May 22, 2011

For Round 2 of the AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship, there were interesting changes in the racing dynamics due to the rain that poured down on the racetrack on both the Saturday and Sunday mornings. Round 2 took place on the 14 and 15 May weekend where the rain and cooler track conditions benefited drivers better at navigating in the wet. The final results of Round 2 saw new faces on the podium for the Cadet and Senior Class, and new faces in top place for all classes.

Sanctioned by the Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA), officiated by Singapore GP, and supported by the Singapore Sports Council, AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011 has been deemed by drivers and motorsports fans as a fantastic competition to engage more Singaporeans to take interest in kart racing and promote motorsports from the grassroot level.

Despite the heavy downpour, the competition days saw large turnouts where the viewing galleries were packed with family members, supporters and fans rooting for their favourite drivers and teams. The weather certainly did not dampen the atmosphere of the race ground.

Instead, the race got Kartright Speedway heated up as the 43 drivers from 5 different racing classes (Cadet, Junior, Senior, Senior Master and Senior Veteran) took their “unfinished business” from Round 1 on to the 750-metre-long technically challenging circuit with 8 technical turns in Jurong.

The atmosphere was livened with commentary by professional motorsports and karting personalities: Benjamin Potter, a popular GP Commentator and Leonard Kong, an ex-employee of Kartright Speedway who is well versed with the track and drivers.

Williams Racing Javier Chng continued to pose a threat to reigning champion Jon Lee of GP racing. Despite losing to Jon Lee in the first round of AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011, Chng had gained an upper hand in the Cadet Class race. Chng played the condition of the racetrack to his advantage and topped the podium, sending Jon Lee into second placing. This race proved to be crucial for Chng in retaining his title hopes. In addition to winning the weekend championship title, Chng was also awarded the Best Presented driver award for Round 2.

Jon was unable to retain his pole position and his younger brother, Josh, lost his third podium placing to Lucas Maistre, a French National. Despite these disappointments, the Lee brothers are expected to make a fierce comeback in Round 3 in July.

In the Junior Class, the racers on the podium remained the same as Round 1, albeit a shuffle. Amin Noorzilan, who won first place in Round 1 dropped to third place where Gabriella Teo managed to get ahead of him during the races to take top position on the podium with Yeo Hong Yang fighting his way into second place, only inches ahead of Noorzilan.

Defeating the title holder of Senior Class Round 1 race, Saravanan Rajakumar, was fifteen-year-old Thaddeus Lee. His victory against Rajakumar had confirmed his credentials as one of Singapore’s most promising go-kart drivers, with him coming out tops in the Senior Class despite a toe injury. Mohammed Nasri Naufal was second in the Senior Class, and managed to clock the “Fastest Lap” for the weekend with the impressive time of 33.552s, beating Thaddeus Lee by a mere 0.044s.

Yap Kheng Weng, Benjamin Goh and Eric Ho had amazing track action as they battled for the top podium positions for Senior Master Class. Yap had a solid performance, climbing from second place in Round 1 to clinch the champion title for Round 2, with Goh and defending champion Ho clinching the first runner-up and second runner-up positions respectively.

In the Senior Veteran Class, it was a race between the BMS Racing Team’s Anthony Seow and YZF’s Kenny Yip. Having gained more understanding and exposure of his opponent’s race strategy in Round 1, Seow’s hard work paid off when he beat Kenny Yip to clinch the first place in the Senior Veteran Class.

Luxury automobile broker AutoIncSports has come in as the title sponsor for this year’s championship, and new sponsors that have also come onboard to support the championship include Xinya Media, Kartright Speedway, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Wimobilize Singapore Pte Ltd and Eurohaus, and prizes include trophies to the top 3 drivers of each class for each round, as well as cash prizes for the AutoInc SKC 2011 overall champions.

The championship will be broadcasted worldwide on Xinya TV and is available in Singapore on SingTel mio TV Channel 72. There will also be an SKC IPTV Video-On-Demand Channel featuring full races at the official website The organisers, McElrea Racing believes strongly in media distribution to promote the SKC and has also generated strong presence in the social and networking sites, YouTube and Facebook.

Round 3 of AutoInc Singapore Karting Championship 2011 will be held on Saturday, July 23th and Sunday, July 24th.