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CIK-FIA New Engine Homologations & 2009 Stats

DATE: December 23, 2009

Extracted from eKartingNews website ….

January 1, 2010 will mark the beginning of the validity of the new homologations of engines and accessories. In Karting, the homologation of equipment is renewed every three years by turns between chassis, tyres and engines. 2010 corresponds to a three-yearly engine homologation session. As a reminder, the CIK-FIA engine regulations had changed in 2007, with the introduction of 125cc KF engines instead of the 100cc used until then. KF engines have the distinctive feature of being water-cooled 2-stroke 125cc engines with reed box inlet, and fitted in particular with a balance shaft, an ignition with a rev limiter, a clutch and an electric starter.

Ten KF engine makes will be homologated for a 9-year period from January 1, 2010 and have passed the inspection carried out by the CIK-FIA Officials at their headquarters. The minimum production quantity, the means of production and the compliance of the companies concerned with the status of “Manufacturer” as defined in the Homologation Regulations have been checked. The CIK-FIA has subsequently introduced a new procedure for the homologation of these KF engines, adding to the traditional visit of the Manufacturers’ premises a session at the FIA administrative headquarters in Geneva for the complete dismounting of the new engines to be homologated. This operation was conducted to ensure the perfect compliance of the engines produced by the Manufacturers with the detailed identity form published within the framework of the homologation.

The ten makes newly homologated are: BMB, Comer, FIM, Parilla, Lenzokart, Maranello, Maxter, TM, VKR and Vortex.

This homologation session was also the opportunity for the Manufacturers of KZ engines, carburettors, ignitions and inlet silencers to renew their products. Eleven new KZ engines have been homologated, by the following makes: BMB, CRS, De Bei, Lenzokart (2 models), Maranello, Maxter, Parilla, SGM, TM and Vortex.

The makes of the new homologated ignitions are FIM, PVL and Vering; those of the new inlet silencers are Free Line, KG and Righetti Ridolfi. As for carburettors, the new homologated models are by the makes Bolex, HHC, IBEA, JHC and Tryton.

The homologations of engines (KF & KZ), carburettors, ignitions and inlet silencers carried out in 2007 remain valid until 2015.

The full list of the new homologations of engines, carburettors, ignitions and inlet silencers is available on the CIK-FIA Internet site.


The following driver and manufacturer statistics were released for the 2009 championships.





Young, Fast & Furious

DATE: December 13, 2009
Motorsports is attracting greater attention from government sectors via projects such as the Sports Hub and the Changi track site. The race is on for several private sector firms seeking first movers advantage in positioning themselves to leverage on these new developments. All this is good for the motorsport industry as a whole - as enthusiasts, retailers and sports organisations realise that they exist in a symbiotic relationship in which working together can lead to growth in the enthusiast community.

Today’s article is not just about the resurgence of karting as a hobby sport in Singapore. In fact, it has more in common with the Law of Averages - i.e. the belief that a rare occurrence will happen given enough time.Today’s article  is about the emergence of future champions of motorsport who start their racing career with a foundation in kart racing. Hindsight as they say is 20:20 and so whilst we do not claim to see the future, we can share insight to a few of our young individuals making waves in the local karting scene.

Jon Lee
Jon is the son of James Lee, a three time winner of the yearly Rotax Max Challenge series in Malaysia. Jon is presently racing the MicroMax category and in the recent RedWhite Sangari international invitational event at the Sepang track in Malaysia, he took a final placing of 3rd placing in the MicroMax category. had an article about Jon which can be read at the following link:



Thaddeus Lee
Thaddeus races the Junior’s category and is one of the up & coming drivers in the local scene. In addition to being one of the fastest (and importantly, one of the most consistent) drivers whilst competing in the open category of local tracks, Thaddeus had the opportunity to compete with Formula One drivers Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari in taking turns to set the fastest lap times in a time trial held at the soft launch of the Kartright track. Whilst  Buemi and Alguersuari clocked times of 36.693s and 36.862s respectively, Thaddeus finished the fastest of the local drivers, clocking a time of 36.966s.



Jack Mcgregor
Jack is Singapore’s first ever representative at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Egypt, which is presently being held this week. With the announcement that Singapore was allocated a Senior’s seat for the Grand Finals, Jack was awarded the seat which he earned as the highest finishing Singapore-registered driver of the Senior class at the 2009 Rotax Max Challenge Malaysia series.  You can read more about Jack via the link:

The latest update on Jack’s progress came on Friday with a forum broadcast at KartingAsia “Jack had a great drive in heat 3 to get 15th place and made the 2nd chance comfortably. Like the other 1st timers he’s had a lot of fun and learnt a lot.”



F1 Stars Keep Themselves Busy

DATE: December 10, 2009
Its the end of the Formula One season but the drivers have been keeping busy.

Michael Schumacher, Nelson Piquet Jr, Sebastian Buemi took part in the Supernational’s event held at LasVegas - the national event is exceedingly participated by increasing numbers of Europeans who seek to compete against their American counterparts, with this year’s event being graced by several F1 stars.



Then there was the International Challenge of the Stars, a charity event held yearly in Brazil. Schmacher, Barichello, Piquet, Liuzzi and even Felipe Massa (back from his eye injury) took part in this event with the results as follows:


If you are wondering why F1 stars are seeking their thrills outside of their superpowered cars in karts, a postcast interview from ex-F1 driver, Anthony Davidson might interest you.

Karting Singapore Rental Kart Series - Race 2

DATE: December 6, 2009
The second event in the 2009 Karting Singapore rental kart series saw 29 participants (one absence) take to the track on Saturday morning. The event was held at the Kartright track and was the second of three race events that were planned to mark the end of the race calendar in 2009 - with the final race to be held at Plentong Track in late December.

We were pleasantly surprised to begin immediately reaching capacity on the increased participant list as soon as the event registration was opened. Participant numbers had been increased from 20 (1st round) to 30 (2nd round). A double blessing was the absence of rain till the early afternoon - it has been a wet November and December and there was legitimate concern that rain could postpone or disrupt the proceedings.

And so, at 6.50am, on a Saturday morning when most of Singapore were still in their beds, enthusiastic souls made their way to the track for an endurance race. The race format scheduled was a Familiarisation & Qualifying session for all thereafter the grouping into teams and followed by a 45 minute endurance race.

On a still wet but drying track, Charles Teo headed Qualifying with a lap time of 49.358 secs.

Going to the race proper, teams spent the next 45 minutes scheduling their own pit stops, driver change-overs as part of their race strategy. Spins, tire punctures, pit lane time penalties and the tight track all played its part in team position changes taking place every few laps.

At the end of the day, the winning team of Amran Mohamed and Shaun Yee finshed the event a little over 10 seconds ahead of the 2nd team of  Charles Teo, Kiean Khoo and Solomon Anthony. The third place team was Aqilah Diyanah, Fuji Sartono and Lim Zijie.

The fastest lap of the day went to Amran Mohamed, who drove a 48.33 secs lap towards the end of the race to secure the Speed Demon award (which was tentatively in the grasp of Ruben Yap with 48.88 secs) and its respective medal, which goes to the driver with the fastest lap of the day.

The full race results (and points total) are as follows:

* a 30 sec time penalty was awarded to the team of Amran and Shaun to represent additional pit time in lieu of the 3rd driver.

KartingSingapore is grateful to budding karting enthusiat Lionel Ng,who captured a large number of  photos which can be viewed at


More photos captured at the race and the medal ceremony-cum-driver’s meeting by Julian Lee are as follows: