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Karting Singapore Thunderkart Racing Series 2012 - Race 3

DATE: September 9, 2012

Having been postponed from a month earlier, Race 3 of the 2012 series was held on the evening of 8 Sep 2012. Back it was then to Kartright Speedway in Singapore for more racing action.

Race 3 saw many new faces among the 30 drivers racing for position across 2 categories with the majority of drivers in the hotly contested Under 70kg Class. The action was fast and furious - moreso because the evening’s proceedings had to be completed within an hour of time. This meant that the 2 Heat events would require to be held to 6 laps each. With a mixed grid created based on the electronic equivalent of drawing lots, the Pre-Finals set the tone for the evening with intense racing as the fast drivers gridded towards the rear had to battle their way to the front within the short 6 lap window.

The Finals were made up of 3 separate sessions; dividing drivers based off their Total Time taken to complete the PreFinal of 6 laps. Drivers in both classes were mixed throughout the 3 sessions with the bulk of the Over 70KG Class in the 2nd split. Once again, racing action was intense - drivers learnt about their kart characteristics only upon entering the first corner - this made it extra exciting as the drivers who accustomed themselves to their kart faster, gained an advantage. The lead grouping finished their 6 laps between times of 4.49 - 5.05 mins, the middle grouping in 4.50 - 5.10 mins and the final grouping in 4.59 - 5.35. The fastest lap of the Finals went to Jonathan Lim who drove a 46.27

The podium winners in the 2 classes went to:

Over 70KG
1st - Charles Theseira
2nd - Hamizan Ali
3rd - Mark Lange

Under 70KG
1st - David Lau
2nd - Ricky Leong
3rd - Kevin Pang