On-Board Cams - Capturing The Excitement

POSTED ON: July 11, 2009
I’ve been wanting to go back and do more on-board videos since I first tried out the Vio POV when I made my first run on the Plentong track late last year.

I really didnt want to go back to mounting via helmet cam since it was just too messy for me (with cables coming off my helmet and to the recorder), and somewhere earlier this year I saw a couple of videos of a shifter driver mounting his on-board camera behind his radiator and seat - you still saw the road ahead but more importantly, you also saw the driver hand movements.


So with the idea in mind, we brought out the Vio POV and will be trying that unit with a new video recorder by AIM, known as the SmartyCam, in next week’s Plentong Club race. Here are photos of how we mounted the on-board cams for anyone who wants to ask their local workshop to manufacture a brace.

Karting 110709 068

Karting 110709 069

Karting 110709 049

Karting 110709 051

Karting 110709 053

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