Baby Wipes - My Go-To For Stains

POSTED ON: March 21, 2010


This may absolutely sound incredible, but I’ve found a great solution for those cases where you’ve just handled the chain and your hands are caked in grease, oil and lubricant.

Baby wipes will dissolve the mess and as a side-benefit, leave your hands smelling sweet - I kid you not!!

I discovered how effective baby-wipes was over the week when I was handling my chain which fell off the sprocket. My hands were covered in chain lubricant and I tried desperately to get them off with generic washroom soap but to no avail. I came back to the pits and was handed some baby wipes from a friend who had his wife and child on hand - next thing I know, I had wiped my hand clean using just 2 wipes.

Evidently, baby wipes are created from moistened paper with water or other liquids like isopropyl alcohol, softeners, lotions or and perfume.

It is the isopropyl alcohol which is apparently a secondary alcohol made from combining water and propene. The chemical dissolves a wide range of non-polar compounds whilst being relatively non-toxic and quick to evaporate.

Wikipedia goes on to list that it is used to clean out (DOT 3, DOt 4) brake fluid traces from hydraulic brakes, which to a layman like me implies that the stuff in baby wipes is the same stuff in my brake cleaner. Hmmm.

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