Plentong Open Oct & Nov’10

POSTED ON: November 28, 2010

The tenth and the penultimate rounds of the Johor Open Karting Championships were held on the 17 October and 21 November respectively.

The improvements to the track over the last few months, in the form of better corner curbing, extended run off areas and a proper viewing grandstand have yielded results in the form of both lower lap times and better client satisfaction. Coming into the track over the last 2 months, it is noticeable that all the team pits have been taken up or are in the process of being occupied. Not all new customers are prepared to join the club races as yet and as such, both the October and November event saw a smaller field of 12-14 karts coming from the absence of a few club regulars. Fortunately, this was offset with new blood to be found as a few  Johor residents took up the sport in Plentong in addition to the  arrival of several karters who moved their karting activities from Kartright.

With the October event raced on Track H and the November event raced on Track E, both track configurations pushed the kart engines to their extremes of max horsepower - this was apparent hearing several engines leaning out and misfiring towards the end of the straights.

Racing was intense as the new club members sought to establish themselves in the driver rankings whilst the existing club members sought to secure the necessary points tally coming into the last 3 rounds of the 2010 season. This was best represented by the racing action taking place on the track (and perhaps once can say that the competitiveness extended off the track as well).

In the dry, drivers fought hard for their positions, driving to the limit of grip - in the wet, drivers pushed to their comfort limits all the while, fighting to keep the kart on the track.

In the end, the racing action took the form of the following results.

Plentong Open Oct 2010 trophy winners

1st - Allan Lange
2nd - Graeme Dowsett
3rd - Gary Koh
4th - Alan Smith
5th - Cydric Chang
6th - Jonathan Lai

Plentong Open Nov 2010 trophy winners

1st - Allan Lange
2nd - Dave Bondi
3rd - Gary Koh
Joint 4th - Ang Kok Wee & Alan Smith
Joint 6th - Louis Liew & Chang Sin Wei

Here are a few photos from the October event of the Johor Open Karting Championships.

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