Plentong Club Race Jul09

POSTED ON: July 19, 2009

Several people have been working to encourage more participants to partake in the local club races at Plentong during the last few months.

We have seen the particpant numbers gradually improve and for the July 2009 race, the Plentong Club 2009 championship had its largest turnout of 20 participants.

In addition to the race regulars, we also saw the return of Permas veterans Ang KW, Sam Lee as well as Blake Monthgomery who came back from Sydney and joined us for this race on a borrowed kart. In addition, we had the participation of 3 enthusiats, Jasalin Tang, Kenneth Wong and Lee Jia Jie, to the series - this was in fact the first kart race for Kenneth and Jasalin.

Whilst the skies turn grey and threatened rain, both Heats proceeded in dry conditions.

Heat 1 was considerably well contested with close racing and lots of overtaking from the front through to the rear of the pack.

Conversely, Heat 2 was all about attrition and the points went to those who managed to stay out on the track for the duration of the race.

Whilst there were several race incidents, no serious injuries were sustained by any karter.

The videos this month comprise of a 20 minute video of Heat 1 (which captures 6 camera angles of all participants through 6 full laps of the race), a on-board camera video from the 2 Warm-Up laps till the driver crashed and finally a 10 minute video of Heat 2 (which captures a sizeable number of participants dropping out of the race after encoutering engine issues).


July09 Heat 1

July09 Heat 2
Championship Standing

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