Clutch checks in KF1, KF2, KF3

POSTED ON: July 12, 2009

Following on from the successful use of the UniLogger from UniPro to monitor the clutches at the first round of the MSA British championship series it has been decided to use them at all future rounds.


Obviously there will be costs involved in this exercise and Super One is intending to purchase a unit for each competitor which is going to mean an investment of just short of £14,000. The Super One team are asking each driver to buy the fitting kit.


This is a small investment considering the overall cost and Super One feel that in the long run this will save drivers money by not having to buy new clutches for each round and in some cases each race.


All drivers have now agreed to this proposal. The regulation amendment is shown on the regulations page. All drivers now need to purchase the fitting kit via this order form.


And now all Rotax entrants have also agreed to use the Uniloggers to check for excessive clutch slip.


The regs applied will be as follows: “The engine clutch must be triggered at 3000 rpm maximum and make the kart with driver onboard move forward. The clutch must be in direct drive (and 100% engaged) at 6,500 rpm.”







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