POSTED ON: June 15, 2009
AIM releases a new product called the SmartyCam .

 The SmartyCam is a NEW concept in the way to capture onboard  true digital high resolution colour video and audio with Data overlay for all forms of sporting advents, including Motor Sports - Cars, Bikes, Boats and Karts. It can also be used on such things as cycles, parachuting and hand gliding to mention a few.

This incredible little system can capture colour video in very high resolution at rates never used before in an all-in-one small compacted device. It will overlay data on the video and audio. It has built-in GPS for Track Mapping, Lap Timing, G-Forces, Speed and record video with overlay of all Items as  a standalone unit.

SmartyCam can also be connected to your My-Chron 4 for Karting to produce Track Maps, Lap Timing (without the need for magnetic sensor or infrared  beacons), Video with RPM, Temp, Speed and Lap Times overlayed on the Video from the onboard  high resolution digital camera.

All this is recorded to a SD card which will hold at a minimum of 4 hours Video / audio and Data. The SD card can be remove and played back on a PC or downloaded to PC  via USB.

This is a great driver training tool while watching video to show position and driving technique with data overlay.

At this present time, the camera does not function as a data logger hence GPS data cannot be transferred into the AIM Race Studio software.

KartingSingapore has received stocks of SmartyCams and is now selling the product through its website. For more info, email to







SmartyCam Layout


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