Robert Kubica & Jaime Alguersuari Entered for CIK-FIA World Cup

POSTED ON: August 22, 2009

The entry list for the CIK-FIA KZ1 World Cup held a few surprises worthy of the event’s status as the season’s most important gearbox competition in the world. It will be held on 3-6 September 2009 at the international circuit of Sarno-Napoli (Italy), on a 1,700-metre track particularly adapted to this type of karts.

In addition to the entry of 76 Drivers (50% more than in 2007 and 2008), the CIK-FIA World Cup will have the participation of two prestigious competitors: Robert Kubica (BMW-Sauber Driver in F1) and Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso Driver in F1). Despite their status of Formula One Drivers in active employment, Kubica and Alguersuari are preparing to face current karting specialists such as Jonathan Thonon (Belgium, winner of the last two editions of this World Cup), Davide Fore (Italy), Marco Ardigo (Italy) and Bas Lammers (Netherlands). In the last decade, only Michael Schumacher had dared to challenge the young kartmen, when in 1996 he won the CIK-FIA Monaco Kart Cup and was runner-up in the last round of the 2001 CIK-FIA Karting World Championship on “his” Kerpen circuit in Germany.

The merit of Kubica and Alguersuari is that they are taking up a difficult and daring challenge. Not only do they have the courage to enter the most competitive KZ1 event in the year but, additionally, during their international karting career they never competed in the gearbox kart category. One does not drive KZ1 karts, which are more powerful as well as heavier, in the same way as the direct-drive karts with which Kubica and Alguersuari respectively raced until 2001 and 2005.

Robert Kubica’s commitment to Karting is well known: he enjoys training at the wheel of a kart and never hesitates to invite his Formula One colleagues to join him. Quite recently, at his invitation, Schumacher, Massa, Vettel, Glock, Piquet, Liuzzi and Klien enjoyed themselves on a Karting track. Just like Alonso and Hamilton, the Pole has launched his own make of chassis, named after his initials, “RK”. At Sarno, he will obviously drive a kart of his make and will be entered by Birel Motorsport, the team of the Manufacturer whom he has entrusted with the production of RK chassis. He will be using Maxter engines.

Already entered in the European KZ1 Championship last June, Jaime Alguersuari had only taken part in practice as on that weekend he was called up by Toro Rosso to make his Formula One debut. The Spaniard is entered by the Intrepid team with which he already raced in 2005. He will be using TM engines

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One Response to “Robert Kubica & Jaime Alguersuari Entered for CIK-FIA World Cup”

  1. Mark Lange says:

    Just viewed the latest headlines and am attaching them to the original story rather than as a separate post.


    The CIK have announced that Robert Kubica will not be competing in this weekend’s KZ1 World Cup for personal reasons. Apparently Kubica was having some trouble in testing getting enough speed from his kart/motor package in testing, but there has been no official statement from Kubica sighting the reasons why he is not participating this weekend.

    Jaime Alguersuari will be still be competing this weekend.