The CIK is Watching – On-board Cameras for All World Cup Racers!

POSTED ON: August 31, 2009

The CIK has announced they are going to make mandatory on-board cameras for the upcoming KZ1/KF3 World Cup to be held at Sarno on the 6th September.  With the introduction of plastic bumpers to karts over the years, race officials have struggled to keep pace with the increased contact in modern kart racing.  Some tracks already employ CCTV to monitor on track behavour but the CIK have moved it a step forward by making sure every kart is equipped with Motorsport Hero Wide miniature cameras manufactured by GoPro.


CIK – “Karting must be exemplary as regards education” explains Luigi Macaluso, President of the CIK-FIA. “The international federation therefore naturally seeks to incite the participants to have the most sporting behaviour possible. Leaning on an opponent or even pushing him so as to overtake are methods which motor sport must reprove. As a matter of fact, there are disciplines, in particular single-seaters, where contacts, be they deliberate or not, are out of the question because a driver who is too bold or illintentioned risks retiring on the spot or having a mechanical failure. Since many young kartmen aspire to switch over to single-seaters, allowing in Karting what is forbidden in single-seaters would be both inconceivable and counterproductive.”

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  1. Mark Lange says:

    The major innovation introduced by the CIK-FIA at Sarno (Italy) produced encouraging results regarding race control. The miniature on-board cameras systematically mounted on all the Junior karts of the KF3 category, in all their heats and finals, enabled the officials of the race to observe the drivers’ actions on the track more efficiently. But they particularly seem to have resulted in an indisputable improvement of their track behaviour thanks to better self-discipline of the drivers. The final of the CIK-FIA World Cup for KF3 was run with a very sportsmanlike and fair-play attitude, but without losing one single ounce of the show. The race had a rare intensity and there was much overtaking for the lead (five different leaders) and within the field.

    At the end of the weekend, no fewer than 360 recordings were collected and, on the basis of reports forwarded by the officials and marshals of the event, a very large number of actions were examined and resulted in approximately ten penalties, including three exclusions for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    Interested drivers can get the pictures of their performance in order to study it or keep a memory of a competition which proved to reach a very high level.

    In conclusion, officials and team-managers observed a change of behaviour of the drivers, including during start phases, in which there was less mayhem. The aim of preventing unsportsmanlike behaviours has therefore been reached, so much so that the CIK-FIA will renew the operation within the framework of the next CIK-FIA World Cup for KF2, to be held at Alcaniz (Spain) on 20 September, and at the 2009 CIK-FIA World Championship scheduled for 11 October at Macao.

    Excerpts from recorded pictures can be seen from the CIK-FIA website, via the following links:

    Photos of on-board cameras installed on karts:

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