3 Race Rental-Kart Championship (Kartright Speedway, Kart World, Plentong Circuit)

POSTED ON: September 20, 2009

With the launch of the new Kartright Speedway track in Singapore, we thought it be nice to end 2009 and kick-off 2010 with a short rental kart championship challenge involving a single race at each of the following tracks; the Kartright Speedway, Kart World and Plentong Circuit.

The championship is open to anyone who can operate an adult size rental kart and does not require any qualifications or driving experience.

To sign up, please click on the following LINK.





The preliminary dates are as follows:

Race 1: Kartright Speedway           – 24th October 2009

Race 2: Kart World                            – 21st November 2009

Race 3: Plentong Johor Circuit    – 19th December 2009

Event Format

The event format of each race is as follows:

(1) Familiarization Drive

(2) Qualifying

(3) Heat Races

(4) Championship Races

Note: Session duration and total race laps to be determined separately at each circuit.

5 Responses to “3 Race Rental-Kart Championship (Kartright Speedway, Kart World, Plentong Circuit)”

  1. Lyon says:

    Hi i am interested in joining the race, can you furnish me with more details ?

  2. Wilson Lam says:

    I like racing. i want to join the race .i have been racing xbox 360 racing sims. for 3 years now i also know how to lay out the track etc.

    Do i need a personal kart to race?

    what do i need for the race

  3. Chin Kin Sin says:

    Hi, I’m interested. any age limit? Please feed me with all the things that I need to prepare or bring. When is the closing date? Thanks.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your interest.

    There is no age limit to the event.

    Just sign-up at the Karting Singapore forum and access the thread at http://kartingsingapore.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/18-3-race-rental-kart-championship-kartright-kart-world-plentong/ to sign up for these events.

    All karts are provided for these events and drivers need only turn-up for an arrive-&-drive.


  5. Roy says:

    I am offering 1/2 price Ordinary Membership at Arena Country Club for transfer. $4,400/=(excluding transfer fee)
    Current membership at $8,800/=
    Please contact me at 9171 5453