Plentong Open Nov’09

POSTED ON: November 9, 2009
16 drivers took part in the November segment of the Plentong Open Championships series in a mixture of Aixro, DD2, KF2, Iame and Rotax engines.

A 30 minute qualifying would be followed by 2 heats of 15 laps on track configuration C, comprising of Plentong’s longest straight followed by the tricky dog leg and slippery hairpin on the other extended track leg - for a total lap distance of 1.433km

Ang Kok Wee qualified pole in a time of 57.62 secs - 2 hundredth of a second faster than championship leader, James Lee. The pair were closely followed by Leo Lim (57.77) and Kelvin Choo (58.14).

The first Heat of 15 laps was held at 12.30pm in the sizzling heat of the Malaysian day. The weather held even though there was a fine sheet of drizzle on the track surface less than an hour earlier. Heat 1 was eventually won by Kelvin Choo, followed by Ang Kok Wee and James Lee.

Heat 2 was won by James Lee followed by Ang Kok Wee and Gary Koh.

The fastest lap of the day went to Ang Kok Wee who lapped a 57.54 secs on the 4th lap of Heat 1.

Excerpts of the final results are as follows:


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