F1 Stars Keep Themselves Busy

POSTED ON: December 10, 2009
Its the end of the Formula One season but the drivers have been keeping busy.

Michael Schumacher, Nelson Piquet Jr, Sebastian Buemi took part in the Supernational’s event held at LasVegas - the national event is exceedingly participated by increasing numbers of Europeans who seek to compete against their American counterparts, with this year’s event being graced by several F1 stars.



Then there was the International Challenge of the Stars, a charity event held yearly in Brazil. Schmacher, Barichello, Piquet, Liuzzi and even Felipe Massa (back from his eye injury) took part in this event with the results as follows:


If you are wondering why F1 stars are seeking their thrills outside of their superpowered cars in karts, a postcast interview from ex-F1 driver, Anthony Davidson might interest you.


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