Welcome to Karting Singapore!


Welcome to Karting Singapore.

Karting Singapore is a community website for karting enthusiasts residing in and around Singapore. We also welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about the sport.

My name is Mark Lange and I created the Karting Singapore website a year after starting my personal karting blog, which you can still visit via this link.

Karting is a wonderful sport where it is auto racing at its rawest. Unfortunately, there is not enough reading material or information on the Internet. What material that is available tends to cater to the karting scene in Europe or the United States.

I hope you enjoy the content of this site and meet many other enthusiats who enjoy the same hobby.

Feel free to correspond with me on any of your thoughts and ideas.

9 Responses to “ABOUT US”

  1. Kapila says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the USA GP shifter article. We have as much as 150 GP chassis this year in USA and there is a very big race in Las vegas USA



  2. shaun lim says:

    hi, shaun here. im actually a huge fan of Formula1 and have always been wanting to try out karting, as part of feeling how it feels like being a racer. is there any karting schools i can join in Singapore? Please get back to me asap alright



  3. M Faizal Salim says:

    Hi Mark,

    My son is very interested in learning the ropes of go-karting.
    He is 7 years old and would like to pick up the sport by year end.
    Is there any go-karting school which i can enrol him in?

    Faizal Salim

  4. admin says:

    Shaun & Faizal,

    Nice to hear your interest in Karting.

    One suggestion I have is to visit Kartright Speedway which is at Tuas. If you visit their website at http://www.kartright.com/index.php/home you can contact them about the lessons and training sessions they might be organising in the near future.

    I would also encourage you to visit the several kart tracks we have in Singapore and Johor and speak to the enthusiats who have their own karts; this is especially handy as the cheapest approach is to start karting at your own pace and with the support and advice of peers.

    Mark Lange

  5. victor says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m victor, and a new fan of F1 when last year, after the 1st nite race in S’pore !! My son is also 7 and I thought of getting him in it, and if not, I’d like to try myself for fun :- ) . In fact, I’ve been talking to a group of my friends who are interested themselves & also to bring their children along for classes. I’ve visited the new race track at Tuas, and think its a good track.

    May be we should get together to organise enough for a class for our children and ourselves ? Just a thought for the like-minded. Let me know because I intend to check out the one at Tuas.


  6. admin says:

    Hi Victor,

    Thanks for looking us up. 7-8yrs old is a good time to start kids on karting as a sport.

    Whilst its important to get the kids started early, its helpful to organise a support group in which everyone (Dad, Mums and kids) learn as they progress through the sport. The learning curve can be steep at times without peer guidance and advice. Feel free to msg me for any issues.

    Do take the time to create an ID on the forums as we are planning monthly rental kart events at the new track and will also be keeping everyone abreast on racing developments at the new premises.

    We are organising a rental kart race event this October, unfortunately all vacancies have been filled but you wish to join up for next years races.


    This may or may not be your cup of tea depending if you have already decided to move straight into getting race karts in which case, just post any issues or questions you have in the forums.

  7. james lee says:

    Hi Mark,
    Try to contact you using the forum but everytime I signed in, it booted me out.
    Anyway, just checking if you would upload the results for the Redwhite Sangari International Invitational Race at Sepang last month into website.
    Drop me a mail for the results.
    By the way, my son Jon - he was third in the Micromax!


    James Lee

  8. ELC says:

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  9. Koofves says:

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